75th Birthday Celebration

My dad turned 75 on April 16th, so my family and I gathered in Los Angeles, along with several of my dad’s teammates and Lakers staff from back in the day to celebrate at the ominously renamed Crypto.com Arena on April 8th. Quite a few of these guests contributed interviews for the background research I conducted to create Gold Rush.

Me, my dad, my brother Amir, sister Sultana and brother Kareem.

The “Showtime” Lakers team (and Bill Walton)

2 thoughts on “75th Birthday Celebration”

  1. Well heck, since I now live in Alaska I can say I still have a map of the LA freeway system embedded in my brain, probably forever. It may be the last memory I have. So anyway, I was driving west bound on the #101 Ventura Freeway one afternoon, probably before the 405 interchange. As usual, I was concentrating on Donna Dower’s traffic report on KNX (1070 on the AM dial). I passed a VW bug and found out it was true that Kareem drove a VW with the front seats removed. I remember it as a light blue VW. It sounds awkward, but he looked very comfortable sitting in the back seat driving straight, not swerving, being the polite-considerate driver that all Angelinos appreciate. I have heard it has since changed. But LA drivers, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, were once the best drivers on the planet. Happy Birthday. -MBS

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this memory. One sees a lot of strange things on the freeways of Los Angeles 🙃! I hope you’re enjoying spring in Alaska. Stay well!


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