My Visit with the Writers Guild at Borough of           Manhattan Community College

IMG_0695.jpgOn Wednesday, March 28th, writer and professor Lara Stapleton invited me to talk drama with the Writers Guild– it was a blast!  These students all showed a lot of talent, imagination and insight.  Some of them had experienced life events that would make amazing dramatizations or came from a background that afforded them an unusual perspective, others shared some pretty next-level ideas for more fantasy-based shows.  I hope they get to share some of their stories with the world at large.  I always love talking to young people, and it was a real treat to tell them about Gold Rush!

Gold Rush: The Dream Sequence

Back in November of 2015, I went to see my friend Lex speak on a panel of women entrepreneurs.  A filmmaker named Nicole Franklin moderated.  I had made it a habit to quiz anyone having anything to do with film about how I could make a breakthrough with Gold Rush, so I told Nicole of my struggles to interest people in producing it and she advised me to “film something,” like a trailer, if I wanted people to take me seriously.  I immediately decided to film a musical dream sequence for Gold Rush.   I got the music for it in January 2016 and finished writing the dialogue in March.  I got the crew together over the summer, hired the cast in the fall and just before Thanksgiving, we filmed it.

So now I have this gem of a dream sequence, but I’m waiting to drop it when the time is right.  The story of Gold Rush intertwines with my reality, and I felt that I should do my best to surface some of the real-life elements before I present the fiction.  Hence, this blog and some op-eds I’ve begun to write, the first of which expressed my support for Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem.